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We offer a huge hands-on experience in every aspect of developing and building brands: brand development and name giving; brand design; brand- and marketing strategy; brand identity programs; support and advice; as well as creative concepts for various industries. And in doing so we have always been able to learn from and impart knowledge to clients by creating (knowledge) interaction between vastly different industries.

As experienced brand builders we firmly believe that having your own ‘brand bible’ will create direction for your company in all its facets. The brand will steer you towards a sustainable competitive position and it will guide you in all parts of your organisation. It will steer your innovation and help you in your marketing and communication. And it will be a guide for your organisation as a whole. To put it bluntly: if you don’t have a brand bible, you need one!

Within Over & Beyond we have all the knowledge and entrepreneurial experience to support and guide you in creating your brand bible. It will consist of all functional and emotional description, will have an easy to remember one-liner and, if necessary, we will incorporate design for an integrated solution.

We will start with an analysis of the status quo. What does the brand say right now; how does it communicate; what does the competition say; is there a real brand benefit and so on, and so forth. We will present this analysis accompanied by possible ways of improvement. How we will do that is part of the process as well.



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