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One of the most challenging elements of startups, small & medium sized enterprises (SME’s) and even multinationals is to sell their products/services in a rapidly changing market. We will help you answering all key questions: Who are my clients? Who would be my ideal clients? Will they still be my ideal clients in the future? What do my clients see as value add in my product/service? Should I change my product/service? What are my organisation’s goals? And even: What business am I really in? In the last few years many businesses were challenged by disruptive new products/services popping up in their market. Is your organisation prepared for the rapidly changing market?

With experience in several industries as well as with both tangible / non-tangible products / services we at Over & Beyond have extensive experience in challenging your business models and setting up or optimizing your business development strategy. Upon request we don’t stop there but will assist you in finding new and disruptive business models, as well as securing better sales. 

We’ll start with a short survey in which, amongst others, the questions above will be answered. Don’t worry, we’ll help you to get the answers by challenging you. Jointly we’ll define a strategic plan and which actions have to be taken immediately to boost your sales. Upon request we can guide and assist your team to find new and disruptive business models and/or set up and implement greenfield operations. We inspire you to take on the challenge before the challenge finds you.



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