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As seasoned entrepreneurs we know how hard it is to continuously work on the development of your core product or service. Racking your brain over how to market it; to investigate the competition and to search for new clients and new opportunities. And in order to get your company into the next phase you are in need of additional external funding. And how do you go about it without giving away too much shares?

At Over & Beyond we have all the knowledge and entrepreneurial experience to support and guide you in producing an outstanding business plan or an investment opportunity note. Additionally we will introduce you into our extensive international network of industry angels and VC’s.

In a very short time we will scan your product or service as well as your organisation, the market you move in and you as an entrepreneur. We’ll advise, guide and coach you to make the necessary improvements in order to have the industry angels and VC’s line up to invest in you. Upon request we can guide you throughout the whole process. Since we have a firm belief in our own capabilities we are open to discuss working (partly) on a commission fee. You’d better believe this exercise will forever change you as entrepreneur!



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